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Aleli Tours is located at La Parguera waterfront, providing easy and convenient access right to the water.










Our services:

1. Private bioluminescent bay tour with your companion or your friends You can swim and play as long as you want. (6 passengers max.) $120.00 per trip.

2. Snorkeling tours-come and enjoy our beautifull shallow reefs and cays. Take a closer look at the mangrove roots where you will find and see the nesting environment of juvenile fish, crabs, anemones, sea grass and many more species. Learn about the ecology and general information about this unique ecosystems.
(all gear, drinks and snacks included).
6 passengers max. 2 passengers min. $50.00 per person.

3. Biobay Kayak tour- Paddle to the bioluminescent bay assisted by a small boat.
$50.00 per person
(all gear, drinks and snacks included).
4. Paddleboard / kayak tours/ snorkeling-these guided trips are 
catered to fit your ability level and the routes 
offered vary with changes in local weather patterns.  Our favorite route is from Aleli's dock to the famous mangrove canal and destinations beyond.  This is a pleasant downwind paddle.  Once through the canal the tour guide the participants get on the boat and will head for the reef to snorkel, then we will have  a light lunch, some snacks and beverages and back to the dock.    
$65.00 per person without lunch,  
(all gear, drinks, and snacks included).

$75.00 per person with lunch




La Parguera

A small fishing village in southwestern Puerto Rico that turned into a local and international tourist destination in the last 20 years. A famous bioluminescent bay attracts hundreds every night for a boat tour to watch the microscopic dinoflagelates that give off heat in the form of light when disturbed creating a fantastic light effect in the water. Various restaurants and bars add to the local attractions. Because of its geographical location, La Parguera offers one of the best preserved coral reef systems and mangrove forests in the caribbean.

You can enjoy the natural scenic beauty or other water sports such as paddleboard, kayaking, boating, snorkeling and sailing.



Kayak /Paddle board Rental

-per hour : $10.00 single $15.00 double
-half day: $30.00
single $40.00 double
-full day: $50.00
single $60.00 double 
-Paddleboard: $20.00 per hour / $60.00half day/ $80.00 full day

Snorkeling gear for rental $10.00/day

General Information:

All guided tours (2-4 hrs. duration)
-snorkeling / kayaks/ paddleboard 

All our tours are design for small groups to provide personal attention to our clients. Capt. Ismael Ramos, marine biologist and ecologist will provide you with the basic scientific information of all this ecoystems.

We also offer sailing and windsurfing courses

-We visit different reefs depending on the weather and snorkeler's ability. We do not do bandwagon type of operation.